STARS-260 Fucking female boss all night in hotel

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Ogura and Yuki go on a business trip together. Because the company wanted to cut costs, the two had to live in the same room. Ogura was not careful and said Yuki was a virgin, making him feel self-conscious. While drinking, Ogura wanted to hire a massage service but it was too late so he couldn't. She immediately asked Yuki to help massage her shoulders and then her back. The short skirt was pulled up, revealing her big, round, smooth ass and her thong panties made Yuki even more determined to prove to her that he was a man. And no matter how much Ogura resisted, Yuki controlled her, continuously ejaculating inside her until the next morning.

STARS-260 Fucking female boss all night in hotel
 Movie Code: STARS-260 
 Actor: Yuna Ogura